5 Scariest Streets in Bandung

Sometimes the quiet streets look scary, especially when you ride or drive at night. In Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, there’s urban legend tells about the ghost and strange creature that can be shown at night in certain times. The ghosts may appear as virgin female, old lady or gents, even strange creature mostly combination between human and animal. They will frighten the streetwalker, rider or driver, and sometimes make them hurts.These are the 5 scariest streets in Bandung:

1. Jalan Tamansari

Jalan Tamansari (sumber:blogspot.com)

If you ever visit Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, this street is very popular. Tamansari is streets where one of the greatest institutes was built, Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Where Sukarno (the first president) study and starts his struggle against Netherland colonization with his party and  movement. Well, the urban legend says there was ghost of a woman who will appear at night in the side or even in middle of the streets.
As some students had told, in Tamansari is so quiet and dark, there’s no light, long and cold at night. And even when the city authorities start to fix and install the street light, it always broke, and the streets become dark again as if the ghost want it. So, most students have to drive around to another street just to avoid Jalan Tamansari.

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