5 Most Popular Chips in West Java

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia known as the culinary diversity. Almost in various distant areas in West Java have their own peculiar food, you may own it as your snak time named kerupuk (or chips). Chips are snacks favored by many people, especially if served with a meatball noodles, fried rice or Kupat Tahu. In Indonesia kerupuk (chip) made ​​from starch, salt and chilipowder . Here are five unique chips in West Java, Indonesia:

1.  Kerupuk Melarat

Kerupuk Melarat (sumber:blogspot.com.uniknya.com)

This chip has funny and cynical name, poor (melarat), and  no one knows why and who name it first. Even so, kerupuk melarat is so familiar in West Java. Kerupuk melarat is well known come from impoverished eastern West Java, Cirebon. Kerupuk melarat has various colour, red, green, purple, and white.
How does kerupuk melarat made is very unique. It is fried using amount of hot sand. Probably that the reason why someone named it kerupuk melarat (poor chips), since people fry chips or kerupuk using cooking oil.

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